Born in Cape Town, 1994  I grew up in Cape Town and studied fine art at Michaelis, UCT.  Currently I live and work as a photographer in Cape Town shooting mostly commercial work in order to fund my personal work.  I find my key interest and fascination to lie in our exploitive nature as a human race. Whilst I critically look at the world around me I am very much drawn to the experiential nature of photography and enjoy being fully submersed and getting lost in a landscape/environment through the lens. I have taken much inspiration from the methodologies of artist’s such as Andreas Gursky and Burtynsky. I find a need for perfection in the printed form and thus developed a methodology of stitching to improve the print quality.  This in turn lends itself to a different style of shooting, where it focuses more on composition and light and mostly the use of a tripod. I always strive for an image that works aesthetically, but speaks of more. I try to combine my love of water, human nature and a conceptually and aesthetically sound photograph in most of my work.